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Blockchain Assets Group

We are a uniquely qualified group of blockchain experts, working to leverage this new-age technology of the future. Our management team is USA-based, with our Core management team operating in the heart of LA's "Silicon beach", while our support staff is located in Mumbai, Estonia, London, and Singapore and other locations, delivering 24-hour, round-the-clock service and support. While B.A.G is a legally recognized business entity in the USA, soon to be Abu Dhabi (UAE), our global team of affiliates operate as a hybrid-Decentralized Autonomous Organization which is a borderless,non-conventional operative and management structure. What this means to you is: efficient, rapid, cost-effective product and support delivery that cuts out overhead and bureaucratic “fat” that is always passed down to you the client, costing you money AND time. Those days are over. You, the client, get what want, the way you want it, and you get it swiftly, with unprecedented speed.
Our background tracks back to the early days of Blockchain and its first implementation Bitcoin,when our management team began building mining rigs that perform the computational processes that serve as the backbone of Blockchains. A lot has changed since then, and B.A.G has been involved developmentally every step of the way.


We have been involved with successful cryptocurrency, digital asset, and blockchain tech from code, development, and marketing, to launch and management. Our projects have a combined market cap of well over 500 million (USD) thus far. 


B.A.G has also been involved in auditing blockchains/Decentralized Networks,/STO/IEO developments, having been in involved with helping successfully launch over 20 Blockchain projects, developed over 50 front-end websites, and thousands of Tech products ranging from whitepapers, wallet developments, token creation, DAPPS, and media outlets reaching over 120 countries around the globe.


The team members include bonafide professionals in media and content creation, branding, and marketing. The team also boasts heavy pedigree in backend programming. This vast experience in frontend and backend web, database, API, and DAPP development, with expertise in PHP, PYTHON, and SOLIDITY, as well as many other programming languages mean that we don’t simply scan and study the assets we manage; we know them down to the individual lines of code, and most importantly we know how to deliver them to the end-user.

Meet the US Core Team

More about US Core Team

JonKeeyo- Chief Strategy Officer

JonKeeyo is an eighteen year financial services veteran spanning the disciplines of structured finance, mezzanine finance and asset/portfolio management within Top 5 global financial institutions. However, he has been immersed in the cryptographic currency industry for the last 5 years now, which has given him legendary status amongst his peers. As an early adopter of cryptographic currency technology, he has participated in numerous ICOs and crypto-centric projects.

Sid Nasir- CMO

A graduate of USC’s Marshal School of Business (ADJ, another damn Trojan!), Sid is a world-traveler who represents B.A.G. internationally. He has worked around the world for more than twenty years, acting formerly as an exclusive agent and distributor with Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson. His areas of expertise are international business and international business law, and he has developed a wide network of corporate and government connections throughout Asia and the MENA region. Gifted with a knack for reaching people where they are, he is something of an ambassador, not just for B.A.G, but for Crypto as a whole.



The VP of Operations and GM of our tech team, GTF is a serial entrepreneur whose start-ups total in the multi-millions. Growing up, he was inseparable from his computer, drawn to programming at just six years old, his first system a TRS-80 Radio Shack “Rig.” GTF studied Political Science, has deep knowledge and numerous accolades in innumerable disciplines, and he is a certified Blockchain Solutions Architect whose crypto experience dates back a full eight years. Creator of digital ledger technologies, he has made a name for himself working on the cutting edge.



A mystery even to those closest to him, Zose is a true code ninja whose mastery of computer science is noteworthy. Even among other real tech wizards, he is admired for the stunning depth of his knowledge in Cryptograghy, blockchain development, and coding. Our leader developer, he is always ready to come up with a fresh, unique solution to any development roadblock. He runs the global Dev team for B.A.G. His work can be seen in many existing Top 50 Blockchain and Cyptocurrency projects.