Blockchain Assets Group is one of the leading investment consultants in the emerging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investment market. We help enterprise, as well as individuals to find the right assets as they seek to venture into the cryptocurrency trading world.


We have a team of competent cryptocurrency analysts, who carry out both fundamental and technical analysis to ensure you have a positive experience with cryptocurrency trading. Although the cryptocurrency market is relatively new and somewhat volatile, our professional cryptocurrency traders and analysts know how to help you maximize your revenue.  

Starter Investor Course Packages

There is a host of things you need to put in place to get started as a cryptocurrency investor. The most important ones include opening an account on exchanges such as Binance, and Coinbase, and funding it to be able to buy or sell cryptocurrency. 

Our Full Concierge Service gets you started with digital assets and cryptocurrencies, opening up an account, transferring funds, adding exchanges, etc. We will walk you through carefully to ensure you understand the fundamentals of acquiring a successful portfolio while mitigating costly errors. Wallet monitoring and access remain strictly on your computer, hot or cold wallets. Never with us or anyone else, this, you control your funds securely.


A functional cryptocurrency trading signaling service should provide updated information at all times. Thus, providing you with the latest signals that could yield a high return on investment. We offer elite cryptocurrency trading signals to advanced users based on complex technical analysis of cryptocurrencies on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Make use of our cryptocurrency trading signals to trade profitable market of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Stellar Lumen, etc., and make a consistent profit. The right information at the right time is so valuable in cryptocurrency trading. Our team of competent trading analysts will provide you with top-quality signals that can make you money consistently.  


We evaluate all cryptocurrencies from different exchanges to spot any chance of an upward movement in value of a coin, which usually means there is a chance for profit and then send the information to you as a signal to buy.

We monitor development in the cryptocurrency market 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to analyze market situation and signal to you to buy or sell according to the direction we spot in cryptocurrencies market.


Frequently Ask Questions

As per our cryptocurrency trading signals, you can reach out to us if any of your questions have not been answered here. We promise to get back to you with an answer as soon as we can. In the meantime, here are some of frequently asked questions about cryptocurrency trading signals.


How Can I Profit From The Cryptocurrency Trading Signal? ​

We send you signals about any development in the market activity – through technical or fundamental analysis – in relation to market history or current trend, volume spikes, prices changes, etc.


You can buy coins on exchanges after we provide you with signals, and sell it whenever you’re satisfied with your profit. Please note that you still have to learn portfolio and risk management when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies.

When Is The Right Time To Sell?

It’s up to you to make the decision to sell whenever you think you have made a good profit. You can as well reach out to us to expertly help you analyze when a coin is due for sale.

How Long Are Signals Valid?

Signals are just a piece of information available to you make a trading decision with. We give you current signal that reflects the price as at the time we analyze each cryptocurrency. You can make the decision to buy at the price we suggest or wait for the price to fall a bit before buying.

However, a lower price may not actually be the best price in cryptocurrency. A ridiculous fall in price may mean something is wrong with a cryptocurrency fundamentally.


Get started right away by simply contacting us through any of our contact details. Do you still have any questions on the best way to make cryptocurrency trading works for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’re always willing to help. 

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Please Note- this is NOT investment advice. Please adhere strictly to SEC guidelines and/or ANY local/regional/federal investment laws applicable to your region, including ALL AML/KYC compliance. B.A.G is not responsible for those avoiding and violating any applicable laws, where and if they may apply. We simply provide data-based information. Please see further indemnification information at the end of this page.


Also, please exercise extreme caution when signing up with any “investment advice” purveyors, check the team, the background, do not trust fancy social media marketing. While a few are legitimate, largely and unfortunately, being so new to many, the space is currently filled with bad actors. Refrain from giving out your wallet addresses to anyone, DO NOT SEND any assets to anyone promising a giveaway of said asset. No legitimate digital asset /blockchain project will ever ask for such.