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Cryptocurrency Mining Services

Cryptocurrency mining is a process that involves the verification and addition of various forms of cryptocurrency transactions to the blockchain digital ledger. It can also be referred to as crypto mining (meaning it covers both altcoin mining and bitcoin mining).


Each time a transaction takes place on the blockchain network of a cryptocurrency, a cryptocurrency miner is responsible for verifying the information and adding the transaction to the blockchain. The mining process involves a pool of crypto miners competing with one another to solve complicated mathematical problems with cryptographic hash functions.


The hashes provided by these miners ultimately result in one lucky winner who produces a new block of the transaction data. This tremendous amount of work secures the blockchain from external intrusion and protects the whole network from attacks.


So what is in this for you? You can participate as a cryptocurrency miner, help secure the blockchain network and get paid to do just that. And it’s not just bitcoin you can mine. You can mine other cryptocurrencies that use proof of work algorithm, as well. Such coins like Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, zCash, Ethereum, Litecoin and a host of others can be mined too.


As the adoption and usage of cryptocurrency continue to grow exponentially, cryptocurrency mining is increasing as an activity and a topic of discussion among investors.

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Why mine cryptocurrency?

Mining can be a profitable alternative way to invest cryptocurrency. As a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, mining might be an excellent way to consider if you’re looking for an opportunity to hedge your investment.


But what is important is that we have individuals who are willing to mine cryptocurrencies so as to ensure they’re decentralized and safe from external attacks.

Types Of Cryptocurrency Mining

There are two ways to get involved in crypto mining; they are:



Graphics Processing Units (GPU) are typically devices that are used to render graphics or play video games. But they can also perform the proof of work functions on many blockchain networks perfectly. These devices are more suitable for mining cryptocurrencies that cannot be mined with ASIC machine yet.  




Application Specific Integrated Chip (ASIC) are devices created to serve only one function. So when integrated into cryptocurrency, they are machines that are purposely built to mine a specific hashing algorithm. They can only mine a particular coin, but they mine any cryptocurrency they are used for, effectively.


Looking for a consultant to help you with your mining operation configuration? We provide full Mining consultation and Mining farm evaluations where needed.

Although mining is very cost-intensive in terms of upstart capital, we can get you started with less hassle.


Please inquire, and our in-house mining architects will be assigned to consult on your project.


Masternodes Investments

What Is A Masternode And How Does It Work?

Masternodes are computers that run a secondary service second to or similar to mining, which runs the overall ledger of the blockchain. This very important secondary service is vital for all assets that allow for masternoding, typically newer tech, Gen 3 Crypto Assets. Masternodes hold a wallet and make decisions, such as locking transactions with InstantSend, private send, coordinate mixing of coins, and voting on budget funding.

Masternodes require specific collateral (an amount purchased at that current market value of that asset), which is your “stake” in the proof-of-stake technology model and be able to run 24 hours a day without a more than a one-hour connection loss.

Masternodes get paid a percentage of the block reward on every block, which is distributed to masternodes one at a time. Some Masternodes pay out daily, weekly, etc., depending on block time and that asset’s specific tokenization and crypto hashing algorithm. It is widely viewed to be the best investment anyone can make in the Cryptosphere today.


The original Masternodes on such projects as DASH cost mere hundreds of dollars in 2014, which are now worth upwards of 500K plus per node, depending on current market conditions. Don’t miss this opportunity to jump in now and own and run your OWN masternodes.



We offer packages to get you started immediately with Masternodes without any technical knowledge. We will do the work, based on your budget and financial goals to evaluate the best of the several hundred Noded Assets available, including new arrivals, we complete full Node script programming, VPS setup, wallet setup, and management, as well as upkeep and monitoring 24/7 of your nodes.


Remember your node must run full time and any software issues that VPS hardware issues that occur will prevent you from getting that reward, in other words, if you are not “online” as a node, you don’t get paid. Upkeep, monitoring, and most importantly, security are critical components.



Most Masternodes are not particularly too difficult to establish; however, much work is required to run them correctly and keep them running. The pitfalls are if a non-secured and properly scripted Node goes down even momentarily, resulting in you “going to the back of the line” on the block rewards, or in simple terms, you do not get paid that block reward which could cost you thousands of dollars.


We take care of all the work for you and ensure everything runs as it should, all the time, to maximize your passive income rewards and high ROI dividends. Best of all Masternodes do not require costly hardware or sunken upfront costs as does mining, and all money remains safe in your OWN wallet, not in the hands of any agents, brokers, or exchanges.**


Platinum Package

  • $10,000 per node,

  • 12% fee of Masternode Rewards

  • Est ROI’s 10% to 1,739.37% PLUS (Sample of the current range of ROI’s for illustrative purposes)



Gold Package

  • $1000 per node,

  • 40% management fee of Masternode Rewards

  • Est ROI’s 10% to 800% PLUS (Sample of the current range of ROI’s for illustrative purposes)

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