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Ico consulting Services

Blockchain Asset group is a global ICO consulting firm that is based in the United States. Our team focuses on building next-generation firms using smart contract and blockchain technology. We can provide a secure, quick, and reliable procedure to help you raise fund through Initial Coin Offering.

Our expertise as an ICO service provider is unmatched, and it enables us to provide stable, optimized ICO solutions that are customized to meet your fund-raising needs. With years of experience building different models for cryptocurrency tokens, we possess the tools and skill to ensure your token development before your ICO launch.

As an efficient team of specialists in marketing, blockchain development, UX/UI designers, we guarantee that your project will get maximum support from us throughout your ICO process.

Our ICO consulting services include:

  • ICO Technical Services

  • ICO Marketing Services

  • ICO Legal Services

  • ICO Financial Services

  • Post ICO Services

  • ICO Investment Evaluations

ICO Technical Services

Our technical team at BAG provides technical supports in all level of ICO development from smart contract development to ongoing code maintenance.

ICO White Paper Creation


There is no doubt about the fact that your whitepaper is your best marketing tool. It is the document that convinces investors to buy into your project. Our Technical team can produce a concise but comprehensive document that contains all the necessary legal and technical information.

Lengths include from 3,500 words up to large scale productions and 1-pagers (tear aways) with full diagrams, infographics, vector technical drawings, tokenization analysis, problem, solution & product, token implementation (how the token works with the product, economics and technical explanation), team arrangement and evaluations, token deployment & plan, and heavily researched source citations.


Smart Contract Creation


Our technical team possesses a great command of blockchain node creation, C++, Java, Python, and Go skills. We can help you create and manage your wallets for your ICO. We specialize in smart contract creation and can create smart contracts and custom user interfaces for your ICO platform.

Coding, Testing, and Implementation


BAG offers comprehensive coding, testing, and implementation of your blockchain to make sure that your products are bug-free and fully functional.

Code Security Audit

Our technical team at BAG will audit your platform code to make sure it meets up to the standard of our rigid security protocols. We do this to ensure you are protected from all facets of security breaches.


ICO Marketing Services

ICO marketing is the most crucial part of an ICO launch. It is a must-do in order to reach the targeted investors. And since blockchain technology is fairly new, only a few companies offer comprehensive ICO Marketing Services.

As an ICO marketing agency, our ICO marketing team offers targeted ICO Marketing Strategies that can help you achieve your ICO marketing objective. We deploy customized solutions to ensure your business obtain desired market traction and widen your reach in the target market.

Our ICO Marketing team can widen your scope and credibility by offering top-class Marketing Services with specialized ICO campaigns. From ICO PR to bounty campaign, we tailor your campaign to ensure maximum exposure to your ICO through a robust network of ICO launch platforms.

BAG employs a team of marketing specialists, web developers, and content developers to make sure your STO/ICO campaign yields utmost results. Our all-inclusive STO/ICO digital marketing services can be further explained through the following components:  


Product Validation Analysis

No two ways about it, your idea needs a market validation. How best can your idea meet the expectations of the market, and how can it be applied through blockchain technology? Our team of professionals can analyze the real-world use case of your idea for you and help you position your product to ensure success.


ICO Roadmap Marketing Strategy

It is not easy to implement ideas. Our team can help you create a detailed roadmap that depicts the perfect implementation timing for your idea or product. We create STO/ICO marketing strategies around a solid roadmap to help you get the best out of your resources.


ICO Public Relations

Public Relations campaigns are a crucial part of ICO marketing strategies.  Our team possess years of combined experience in the blockchain industry and have a connection with major blockchain-oriented news channels. Owing to our network, we can distribute your PR content on all major platforms.


Web and Social Media Services

Blockchain Assets Group presents a competent team of SEO and digital marketing specialists that can create awareness and brand recognition for your idea or product in an increasingly crowded market. We implement organic and paid strategies to ensure your ICO gets maximum exposure across the internet and social media platforms.

In-house comprehensive Marketing and Branding, utilizing only the most talented experts at content creation, front-end web design, branding, social media marketing, media outlets, custom blog content, UI, video, and APP/DAPP, our marketing and branding teams work in tandem with our developers and team leaders, delivering stunning results that are custom geared for this space and emerging technology.


ICO Legal Services


At Blockchain Asset Group, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency with sounds ICO legal services. Setting-up a blockchain-based company requires a whole lot of specialized expertise that only professional ICO attorneys can provide. Our attorneys will help you design and implement a legal strategy that is fully compliant with all applicable regulations while protecting you, your company, and investors from unnecessary risks.


ICO White Paper Legal Services

Most people believe ICO white paper is just a marketing tool to attract investors. But here is something they don't understand: preparing ICO white paper involves considering some legal implications. And that is why you need qualified legal experts to carry out a proper legal assessment of your white paper before you release it to the public. At Blockchain Assets Group, our team of qualified legal practitioners will guide you through the ICO white paper writing to ensure that your legal liabilities are minimized.

ICO Risk Assessment

If you're involved in crypto, the chances are that you are aware of the inherent risks associated with promoting projects and fund-raising. Some of these risks involve issues like legality and disclosures of investors. We can help you evaluate the risk and reduce the possibility of running into troubles associated with ICO globally.

ICO Financial Services


We have a team of accounting experts who possess the knowledge and skills required for crypto-related accounting. We provide our clients with a range of accounting services to ensure their Initial Coin Offering goes hitch-free.

ICO Financial Reporting

Integrity is the foundation on which trust is built, and that's why we have hired experienced financial professionals who can create, audit, and build financial report for your blockchain business. We will continue to provide support, even when your ICO has taken place so as to maintain customers' trust.

Investor Incubation based on project strength

We can connect you with our in-network associates affiliated with individual, legacy, and institutional investors. We will also strongly advise on project feasibility. Too much good money is and will be thrown at bad projects, we are adamant that this is not only bad for you the client, our reputation, but for the entire cryptospace, hurting uninformed investors and slowing technology adoption as a whole.

ICO Book running and Book building Services

Determining the initial value of token involves building and running its book. We can analyze the value of your token, create a token strategy, and create an off-market book to boost your investors' confidence.

Multi-Sig Wallet Management

AT Blockchain Assets Group, our team can help you to create a suitable protocol to ensure the safety of your funds (BTC, ETH, or other cryptos). This protocol creates a list of people that can verify each transaction and requests submission. All these measures add protective layers to your fund and allow you to control access and expenses.

Post ICO Services

We will not abandon you to sail the deep sea of blockchain alone; our post-ICO services include providing you with legal services, product architecture, and operational best practices to ensure your business' continuous growth.

Long Term Business Development

Our objective is to help you create your company's long-term business strategies. We can develop solutions tailored to your platform, including regulatory compliance, corporate planning, marketing, and company development.

Token Control

Tokens are the barometer of decentralized platforms. Losing control of your tokens means your platform is at risk. This is where our experienced token managers can keep you in control of your token ecosystem, whether for wallet management, providing exchange updates and integration, trading volumes, or daily price variations.

Tokens are the decentralized platform barometer. Losing control over your tokens can endanger your platform. Our experienced token managers can provide you with tools to manage your token ecosystem, whether through wallet management, providing you with daily trading volumes or price variations, or giving you up-to-date exchange updates and integration.



ICO Investment Evaluations


Thinking of investing in an ICO? Let our experts develop an in-depth report and grade on a particular ICO. We also provide full in-depth reports on ICOs that we have already analyzed, including our "HOT 5" list, which is updated every quarter. We look into hundreds of ICOs and catalog all projects, which are constantly updated for progress in our database.

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